Welcome to Less.

Less was founded in 2016 by Dr. David Scherf with the aim of creating a skincare line that contains only active ingredients and not a single additive. The result of the two Less principles — as little and as natural as possible — is a novel approach to skin care, one that offers a maximum of efficacy and an unprecedented level of skin compatibility.

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Maximal minimal.

One of the major causes of premature skin aging is the excessive use of beauty products. Every superfluous product and every needless ingredient irritate the skin and cause micro damage. At Less, we have radically eliminated any unnecessary product and ingredient — to create a skin care that is reduced to the essentials and unparalleled in clarity and focus.

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Pure efficacy.

Our products are made exclusively of active ingredients and do not contain a single additive. All ingredients are whole, untreated and unprocessed to capture the full richness of their precious essence. For a completely unique level of potency and purity.


Beautifully fresh.

Unlike most other skincare brands, we do not produce large quantities in stock, but small quantities on a monthly basis. Our skincare products are so fresh and luxurious that they are labeled with a best-before date, just like food, instead of the usual open-cream-jar symbol that identifies skincare products with an artificially extended shelf life. Our packaging is made of glass and uncoated cardboard and proves how beautiful sustainability can be.

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Internationally acclaimed.

Only two years after its launch, Less was named “Best Organic Cosmetics Brand of the Year” and awarded the Gala Spa Award. Less is the first skincare brand ever to receive the Wallpaper Design Award and the first skincare brand to be nominated for a Dezeen Award.

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