Frequently Asked Questions

Less Face Oil

Where is the Less Face Oil developed and manufactured?

The Less Face Oil was developed in Germany and is also manufactured here. From Germany, it is then shipped directly to our customers in over 40 countries.

What is the Less Face Oil's shelf life?

The Less Face Oil is so pure and fresh that instead of the usual open-cream-jar symbol (which indicates skincare products with an extended shelf life), it has a best-before-date. The shelf life is approximately 10 months from receipt. Unlike industrial ski care brands that produce at long intervals, we produce a new and fresh batch of Less Face Oils every 4–6 weeks.

How long does a bottle of Less Face Oil last?

A Less Face Oil contains about 600 drops of concentrated skincare essence. Depending on individual needs, 5–10 drops per application are sufficient. When applied daily, this translates to 2 to 4 months of usage.

Is the Less Face Oil vegan and cruelty-free?


Can I order a product sample of the Less Face Oil?

Samples have to be produced in large quantities. That is why they are almost exclusively used for heavily preserved products such as creams, shampoo, or perfume. Since we do not use preservatives, we do not offer sample of our Less Face Oils. Although this limits the possibility of introducing our products to a wider circle of people, it guarantees our customers a highly effective and at the same time uniquely skin-friendly skincare product.

Why do the Less Face Oils not contain the water, like creams or lotions?

Creams and lotions are made of water and fats (in high-quality products, the fats are pure plant oils). However, water and fats do not blend, which is why emulsifiers have to be added. Any product that contains water will also germinate within a few weeks, that is why preservatives are also added. Further common additives are fragrances, such as perfume and essential oils, and texturisers to make the products smell better and prevent them from yellowing. All of these additives are dermatologically problematic. To create a skincare product that is truly free of additives (even the hidden ones) and thus truly effective, the water should not be contained in the product but rather added at the time of application. At Less, you will thus only pay for active ingredients and not for additives or water.

Are Less Face Oils pregnancy safe?

Yes, Less Face Oils are safe to use during pregnancy. These oils are carefully formulated without any additives, including retinol and essential oils, which are often considered unsafe during pregnancy. Instead, the Less Face Oils are crafted solely from pure virgin plant oils.

Will my skin undergo a transition phase when I switch to Less?

It is perfectly normal for the skin to react to changes in your skincare routine. This is especially the case if the skin was previously cared for differently over a longer period of time.

I am unsure what skin type I am. Which Less Face Oil should I use?

If you are unsure of your skin type, start with the Less Face Oil Light. This is a lighter product and is suitable for all skin types. The Less Face Oil Plus is extra rich and was formulated especially for for very dry and damaged skin. In skin care, it is typically recommended to begin with a lighter product and then upgrade to a richer product if needed.

My skin is dry and the Less Face Oil is not absorbed. What can I do?

If the skin is dry and the oil remains on it, then it means that your Less Face Oil is not absorbed into the skin. If oil remains on the skin, then this can affect the excretory function and air exchange of the skin. The result can be blackheads and dry skin because sebum and heat build up.

It is important that your Less Face Oil is always well absorbed into the skin and not left on top of the skin. A good indicator is that the oil should be fully absorbed 30 minutes after application.

With that in mind, three tips:

  • Moisturize the skin well before application.
    The skin is like a sponge - water will bead up on it when it is dry. Before applying the Face Oil, therefore, moisten the skin well with warm water so that it is receptive. Ideal is, for example, the application during a shower, when the warm water and the water vapor have soaked the skin well. If not in the shower, then you can prepare the skin with a wet, warm washcloth. To use, put a few drops of Face Oil in wet hands and massage into wet face. Feel free to "massage" with even more water - you don't have to worry about washing the oil off here, it's very productive. The important thing is the moisture and the more the better.

  • Experiment with the amount you apply.
    Unlike moisture, "the more the better" doesn't necessarily apply to skincare. It is often underestimated how productive the Face Oil is. If more product is then applied than the skin can process, oil will also remain on the skin. So first reduce the application amount and then gradually increase it.

  • Switch to a lighter skincare regimen (if you are using the Less Face Oil Plus).
    Less Face Oil Plus is a very rich skincare product designed specifically for very dry and chapped skin. However, it may be too rich for your skin type. In this case, the above-mentioned "occlusion effect" can also occur, as your skin cannot absorb the rich care at all. You may want to try Less Face Oil Light in the future.

What do you suggest for sunscreen?

We advise against skincare products with integrated SPF. Skincare should penetrate the skin, while sun protection should not. The attempt to combine these two opposites in one product is dermatologically unsound. Extra sun protection is only necessary during specific phases and should be applied only during that time. For this, we recommend a mineral sunscreen. Always apply skincare first, then sun protection. However, the best sun protection is natural sun protection: avoiding intense midday sun and seeking shade using sunglasses, a hat, or an umbrella.


How can I access my subscription account?

You have two options to access your subscription account:

  1. Via Email Link: Look out for our reminder email just before each delivery. Click on the link "Manage Subscriptions" to go directly to your account without the need for login (valid for 7 days).
  2. Via Customer Account: Access your subscription settings anytime through your Less Customer Account, which you can create here for free.

In your subscription account, you have the flexibility to adjust delivery dates, frequency, swap products, add more items, or cancel your subscription.

Can I pre- or postpone my next delivery?

You can pre- or postpone your next delivery at any time. To do so, log into your subscription account and pick the preferred shipping date for your next delivery.

How can I adjust my delivery frequency?

You can adjust your delivery frequency at any time. Simply go to your subscription account and pick adjust the delivery frequency to your preferences.

Can I swap my subscribed product?

You can flexibly change your subscribed product(s). Simply go to your subscription account and add/delete your subscribed product(s).

Can I add Less products only for one delivery?

Yes, you have the option to add Less products, for example the Less Cleansing Clay or one of the Less Accessories, as one-time purchases to your upcoming order. Just go to your subscription account and under "One-time products" add your preferred product.

What is the minimum number of deliveries?

The minimum number of deliveries with a subscription is only two. This means, you have the ability to cancel your subscription after just two deliveries.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, simply go to your subscription account and click the button "Cancel subscription". Please note that this option is only available after the minimum of two subscription deliveries.

How do I update my payment details?

In case you need to update your payments details, please go to your subscription account and click "Edit" under "Payment details".

How do I update my shipping address?

You can at any time adjust your shipping address. To do so, just go to your subscription account and edit the shipping address info. The new address will then be saved as your default address.

Less Cleansing Clay

What is the shelf life of the Less Cleansing Clay?

If stored dry, the Less Cleansing Clay has an unlimited shelf life.

Can I use the Less Cleansing Clay for my daily cleaning?

Yes, the Less Cleansing Clay can be used on a daily basis. However, you will find that pure warm water is sufficient for the daily cleaning of everyday residue like dust and sweat. A thorough cleanse with the Less Cleansing Clay is only necessary 1–3 times a week.

Can I use Less Cleansing Clay to remove make-up?

Make-up, even the waterproof type, is best removed with pure apricot kernel oil. Simply moisten a small cotton pad with a lukewarm water, add a few drops of the oil, and then gently remove the make-up in stroking movements.

Do I have to expect a transition phase if I switch to skin cleansing with Less?

In our experience, there is no adjustment period when switching from a surfactant-based cleaning to the Less Cleansing Clay.

Is the Less Cleansing Clay suitable for all skin types?

Yes, every skin type benefits from this powerful yet gentle way of cleansing. Dry skin can heal without being constantly stripped of its protective layer during cleansing. Oily skin can balance its sebum production naturally.

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