Beautiful skin is a healthy skin.

What many do not know: The perfect skin care is produced by the skin itself. The protective skin mantle is a thin layer of lipids and sweat that binds moisture in the skin and shields it from external pollutants. To protect and strengthen this natural barrier, we have developed a unique skincare system that provides targeted efficacy and the highest skin tolerance ever achieved in a skincare product. For healthy and naturally beautiful skin.

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No additives. No irritations.

What you don't want in a skincare product are additives such as emulsifiers, preservatives, texturizers, or fragrances. These additives are dermatologically questionable and are only added to skincare products to sell them better. Our Less products do not contain a single additive, not even the hidden ones. The result is a uniquely pure, effective, and non-irritating skin care.

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Pure plant oils

Pure natural power.

For our skincare products, we only use the most potent and precious active ingredients — those of nature. For centuries, pure plant oils have been the key components of the best skincare products. Intelligently combined and precisely formulated, they provide all the vitamins and essential fatty acids needed to hydrate the skin and smooth wrinkles. For a skin that is healthy, beautiful, and glowing from within.


Less Face Oil

  • Less Face Oil Light

    Less Face Oil Light

    Combination and oily skin are often treated with products that dry out the skin. However, this stimulates the skin to produce even more oil. The best way to treat oily skin is actually with oils. The Less Face Oil Light contains a special blend of light and anti-inflammatory plant oils that help the skin regain its natural sebum balance. The skin is mattified and refined.

  • Less Face Oil Plus

    Less Face Oil Plus

    The Less Face Oil Plus is specially designed for the treatment of very dry and damaged skin. Rich and regenerating pure plant oils soothe and heal the skin surface, leaving it smooth and supple. Because only pure and natural ingredients are used, all Less Face Oils are uniquely gentle, making them ideal for also treating the delicate area around the eyes.



Water and oil.

Soak your face with plenty of warm water. Add a pipette of the Less Face Oil to your wet hands, and gently massage oil and water into the wet face. The Less Face Oil mixes with the water to form an ad-hoc emulsion, which is absorbed by the skin. The skin is hydrated, nourished, and the protective mantle of the skin is repaired. The result is a healthy, balanced, and glowing skin. Tip: Apply the Less Face Oil during a shower.