Cleansing. Reimagined.

Soaps, shower gels, and shampoos clean the skin with surfactants — substances that dissolve dirt and fats by breaking up their surface tension. However, surfactants also destroy the natural skin barrier, as this also consists of fats. As a consequence, the skin loses its natural protection, dries out, and bacteria can penetrate. At Less, we pursue a completely different approach to cleansing — one that thoroughly cleanses the skin while preserving the skin's perfect self-protection.

  • Less Skin Care


Binding instead of breaking.

Cleaning with Less is fundamentally different from cleaning with surfactants. Instead of removing pollutants and fats by breaking them up, they are bound. This is done with a millennia-old clay that has unique absorbing powers.

Less Cleansing Clay
Less Cleansing Clay

Less Cleansing Clay

The Less Cleansing Clay is a spa-quality clay that only exists in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The clay is mixed with water and applied to the skin, where the fine clay particles dock to even pore-deep pollutants and fats. Due to the clay's unique absorptive capacity, only excess fats are absorbed—the fine lipids that form the skin barrier remain on the skin. This way, the skin is thoroughly cleansed while the skin retains its moisture and protective function. The result is a skin that is both refined and velvety soft.



Water and clay.

Fill a shallow bowl with two scoops of Less Cleansing Clay and add four scoops of hot water. Without stirring, let the clay soak up the water and cool down for 3 minutes. Spread the warm mud on your wet face and body, sparing eyes and lips. Rinse off with plenty of water.

  • Less Cleansing Clay
  • Less Cleansing Clay


The perfect complement.

The Less cleansing routine is perfected by a selection of meticulously designed and precisely manufactured accessories.

  • Less Container

    Less Container

    The Less Cleansing Clay is stored in the Less Container made of light grey porcelain and oiled walnut wood. The container was designed by Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen, known for his clean and sensual spaces and the careful use of natural materials. The Less Container is manufactured in Belgium to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

  • Less Bowl Scoop

    Less Bowl and Less Scoop

    The Less Cleansing Clay and water are portioned and mixed with the Less Scoop and the Less Bowl. Scoop and bowl are made of polished stainless steel and hold just the right amount of Less Cleansing Clay and water. They are manufactured with the highest precision in Solingen, a German city known worldwide for its exceptional stainless steel craftsmanship.