Solingen—the "City of Blades"

Solingen—the "City of Blades"

 Less Solingen Bowl Scoop

 Less Solingen Bowl Scoop


Today we would like to introduce our two stainless steel accessories in more detail. Stainless steel production has, like so many other industries, largely shifted to China. However, we soon realized that we wanted to manufacture our stainless steel accessories (which help to portion and mix the Less Cleansing Clay) in Germany. For there is a place here that stands for meticulous and high-quality stainless steel production like no other: the city of Solingen.






Solingen – "City of Blades"

Solingen is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and together with the cities of Wuppertal and Remscheid forms the “Bergisches Städtedreieck”. Already in the Middle Ages Solingen was the heart of the German blade and cutlery industry. The main reasons for this are considered to be the many streams and rivers that supplied energy, and the proximity to the then already well-known trading city of Cologne. Especially Solingen swords were appreciated nationwide and the engraving "Solingen fertigte mich" ("Solingen made me") became a seal for highest quality. Over the next centuries, new product groups developed: high-quality kitchen knives, fine tableware, precise scissors and sharp razor blades – and Solingen became known worldwide as the “Klingenstadt”, the "City of Blades".


Less Stainless Steel Scoop



Bowl and scoop

Over a period of several months and together with an almost 100-year-old workshop in Solingen, we have developed two products that are both uncompromisingly functional and timelessly beautiful:

A small bowl that fits perfectly into the hollow of the hand and holds exactly the two scoops of Ghassoul and four scoops of water needed for head-to-toe cleaning with Less.

A measuring scoop whose unusually wide handle makes it easier and more comfortable to hold (with its 20 ml capacity, it is also an excellent coffee measurer).


Less Stainless Steel Bowl And Scoop



Formed from solid stainless steel

To produce the bowl and measuring scoop, a rectangle and two round blanks are cut from a piece of solid stainless steel. The blanks are then "cupped" to form the bowl and the head of the scoop. Next, all edges are smoothed by hand. In the following step, the scoop's head is welded to the handle and the joint is ground clean. After checking the perfect quality, the bowl and the scoop are expertly brushed and polished and embossed with the Less signature.


Less Made in Germany



True craftmanship
By the way, the two metalworkers with whom we designed the products and who also make them with great care and joy for Less are brothers and 78 and 82 years old. More stainless steel experience and original Solingen quality is not possible.



Less Stainless Steel Bowl
Less Stainless Steel Scoop


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