Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is one of the most precious oils. The oil is pressed from the seeds that remain after pressing the grapes. Grape seeds contain only 10–14% oil, and only half of it can be extracted during cold pressing. For one liter of grape seed oil, 40 kilograms of grape seeds are needed. This great effort is also the reason for the high price of high-quality grape seed oil. Virgin grape seed oil has a golden-green color and a nutty-fruity aroma that varies depending on the growing region, variety and location.

Reduces impurities. Strengthens the skin barrier.

Extra-virgin grape seed oil is a blessing for all skin types. The reason is its particularly high linoleic acid content of about 70 percent. Linoleic acid is an essential component of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. The epidermis protects the body from environmental influences and regulates the skin's water balance. A healthy skin barrier ensures that the skin can effectively retain moisture and has a good excretory function. For oily and combination skin, grape seed oil reduces skin impurities and refines the complexion. For dry and mature skin, the epidermis is regenerated and the result is a fresher and smoother skin surface. High-quality grape seed oil is a component of the Less Face Oil Light and the Less Face Oil Plus – in the latter, together with avocado oil, it forms a powerful blend that heals and smoothes the damaged skin surface.

Tip: Pure grape seed oil for hair care.

Pure grape seed oil is also excellent for scalp and hair care. Simply distribute a few drops of the oil in towel-dried hair. The hair becomes easy to comb and gets a silky shine. At the same time, the scalp is nourished.

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